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We are Recruiting!

Enlightened Building Surveyors wanted!

We are actively seeking a new generation of enlightened building surveyors.  You will be different.  You will be interested in learning about historic buildings.  You won't have a damp meter.  You will know about, or be learning about traditional materials - lime, timber, old plasters and paints.  We are at the forefront of the move to break the damp industry.  You will assess damp issues in buildings as part of an holistic approach to the building and its environment.  You will be used to using thermo hygrometers, thermal imaging, and chemical testing of masonry.  

We don't expect everyone to know all of these things - but you will be totally committed to learning.  You will want to investigate, to understand, to progress.  We love enthusiasm and commitment.  We don't want someone in a suit and tie, with shiny shoes.  You will want to do surveys in jeans and a sweatshirt - why?  Because you will get dirty - you'll crawl around, sampling under floors, grubbing around in attics.  You will look at drains - leave no stone unturned.

We are RICS accredited - but very few RICS surveyors have these qualities - we create these qualities - and encourage our surveyors to then go on and acquire the RICS Conservation accreditation.  You may be an IHBC member - and have studied historic buildings - we encourage applications from IHBC streams.

Formal qualifications are not a pre-requisite - but we envisage applications from younger members of the industry - people who don't have the pre-conceived notions about timber and damp issues that so many older surveyors with their 'damp meters' do have.  We want people who question the status quo - who are driven by a desire to learn, to be part of a very different team of enlightened people who break new ground - who investigate - who do case histories on their surveys.  You will want to be different - you will NOT want to do standard RICS homebuyer surveys!

Call us to discuss opportunities - we work all over the country, from Scotland to London.

Timber and Damp surveyors wanted!

We undertake hundreds of timber and damp surveys all over the country.  We have blown the traditional damp industry out of the water with their fraudulent injection damp proof courses, and tanking plasters, and 30 year guarantees written on worthless rice paper.

We get to the bottom of any damp issues in houses.  We take an holistic approach to understanding the building environment. We NEVER recommend any form of damp proofing.  Rising Damp is a dirty word in Heritage Consulting - it does not exist.  You will use a variety of equipment - thermal imaging, thermo hygrometers, and other analytical equipment.  You will dig, probe, investigate - you will examine building pathology.  You will understand and explain to building owners the real reasons for any 'dampness' issues found.  Our suveys are detailed - they take hours not minutes.  We don't use 'damp meters'.  We are first of all scientists - we question, we investigate, we document.  

As a damp surveyor you do not necessarily have to be formally qualified as a RICS surveyor - this stuff is not taught to the average chartered surveyor anyway.  We are a new breed of enlightened professionals - people making a real difference for millions of people living in old houses.  You will learn about breathability - about traditional materials - about sources of moisture.  You will understand the relationships between temperature and moisture in the air.  You will understand why moisture is present in buildings, and how to remove it without damp proofing - ventilation, heating, airflow.  You will understand timber - why we NEVER treat timber with chemicals - how dry timber does not suffer from insect attack or rot.

You will be familiar with all the relevant standards.

This role would suit newly qualified IHBC or RICS surveyors - anyone with experience of historic buildings and conservation is encouraged to apply.

We work all over the country, but we especially need more staff in the London and South East - our workload is constant and demanding, so there is never a dull moment!

Contact our office for a chat - send us your CV - we'd be delighted to hear from you.. 

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