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Chelsea town house Case Study

Our Brief

This townhouse is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Chelsea.  It consists of the original townhouse street frontage, with a large extension and underground basement at the rear.  It is Grade 2 Listed.

The clients brief is for full restoration of the house, including a luxury fit out of the interior.  Works include structural elements - for example the rebuilding of a Victorian glass conservatory.  Carpentry repairs are taking place to faithfully reproduce and repair existing timbers to SPAB guidelines, of 'repair, not replace'.  New wiring and modern improvements are being achieved within the historic framework, in close consultation with both client and Conservation Officer.  

The project is unique for a number of reasons - we are very privileged to be able to work closely with both our client, and the Chelsea Conservation Officer.  Our client is fully appreciative of the sensitivity of the building, and the need for appropriate conservation building techniques - this is a rare occurrence in the heady world of premium London properties.  As a result, we have full control of the materials and Conservation specifications.

Due to the sensitivity and importance of the building, the Conservation Officer has been involved from an early planning stage, and the Listed Building Consent submission has been extensive.  We have written detailed method statements for every item of work in the program.  Richard is in very close contact with both client and Conservation Officer to ensure a harmonious relationship, and completion of a modern restoration within the shell of such a beautiful old building in the heart of London.

The project is using modern technology to overcome some of the problems we often come across in building conservation jobs.  One ever present issue is that of cabling - running electrics can often damage historic fabric due to the need for channels for electric cables, and holes in floor joists.  This house is using high technology home automation controls to run lighting and security - which uses fewer cables than traditional electrics.  There are fewer service voids, and very little disruption to plaster finishes.

A little more detail on Listed Building Electrics can be found here..

Completion is planned for September 2017

Sensitive historical restoration of Grade 2 Listed Chelsea town house.

Summary of works

  • Full specification and design of conservation works
  • Preparation of all documents for submission of Listed Building Consent
  • Liaison with Conservation Officer and Discharge of Conditions
  • Full management of all works on site
  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Control

Front bedroom plastering being “devil floated” prior to finish coat - Grade 2 Listed Chelsea town house

Restoration of joinery - Grade 2 Listed London town house.

Site entrance - Grade 2 Listed Chelsea town house

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