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We find a huge stone fireplace!

This is an almost pristine old house, probably mid Georgian, built of stone. 1960's repairs have covered much of the inside and we decided to investigate the fireplaces - this was a spectacular find ...
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Laying a limecrete floor - the quick option!

Richard puts a limecrete floor down in the new office. No frills, just gravel and lime with a ploished finish - breathable, simple, cheap, no hassle. That's lime for you!
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Totally un necessary - You NEVER need to use chemicals to treat timber. This is old stuff - but just goes to show what horrible chemicals our houses are treated with. Historic England research, and m...
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The con of Schrijver damp proofing

These stupid bricks are smashed into the walls of old buildings, breaking through the cement render that is the cause of moisture in the first place - and CEMENTED into place, so nothing can get out a...
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A timber frame survey and some rough costs..

Surveying a timber frame - some observations and costs for you.
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We'll add videos to this page whenever they are put up to youtube - but here's a selection of the latest ones:

Mike did a survey recently in London and found this absolute mess - some of the worst damp wally damage we've ever seen. They even injected the skirting boards! The wall was bone dry - all the mess was completely unnecessary.



This is a classic example of PCA damp proofing yobbos, who drill and injct an otherwise perfectly good stone cottage.  The problem is all the cement pointing - which is trapping moisture into the walls.  Take away the cement, and the walls dry out.


 Now this is just to show you what we do with thermal imaging - the sorts of things you can see with a camera, and the advice that it enables us to give to clients.  It's powerful stuff - if you ever engage a surveyor- they better have one of these, or they aren't worth having.

This is a huge timber framed property we surveyed - a few comments about roofing and timber frames really - but good to see what we get up to.

This was Pete's first visit to a clients house, when he found thick render covering a beautiful old building and making it wet and cold.  Subsequently we helped manage a negligence claim against surveyors who failed to condusct a proper purchase survey, and the house is now thankfully re-rendered in lime, drying out nicely - and warm and dry inside.  Without ANY damp proofing.

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