Full Structural Survey

Historic England and other mortgage lenders, professional bodies and others use the term “Full Structural Survey”. This term is equivalent and the same as the RICS Level 3 Building Survey – see Building Surveys.

Providing advice on structural repairs

We are not Structural Engineers. We cannot undertake Steel Beam calculations for extensions etc and we cannot design very complicated repairs. Where we need specialist input we refer to trusted conservation minded Structural Engineers.

We can however provide advice on more basic repairs to Masonry and Timber and have undertaken many many repairs. We can advise on most repairs required as part of a Building Survey whether it to be masonry buildings or Timber Framed Buildings.

Here are some typical repairs we have deigned and specified;

Timber “Metal” Repairs are great for Timber Framed buildings and allow you to preserve lots of historic fabric. They are usually very cost effective and if well designed – very subtle. They are also a very “traditional” approach with many historic Frames being repaired this way.

Barn – Purlin Strap

House – Tie Beam “Hook” strap

House – Plate to Jacobean Beam

We undertake many Masonry Repairs and use a variety of techniques for cracked, bulging and displaced masonry.

Shoring up Walls

Repairing Brick Arches

General brick Repairs