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Un-Damp Proofing !

01st August 2015

I was hacking off a cement plinth the other day on a job on a listed building that I am project managing in Canterbury, Kent. I was asked on a number of occasions by people passing by "are you doing the damp proofing" ? My answer was "Noooow, I am doing the un-damp proofing" !!! I soon explained to the interested parties that the attempts to keep a building dry with cement causes dampness, and that the holes drilled  in the bricks that we could see were a misguided attempt at  managing dampness at the base of an old solid walled building. The process of drilling out the bricks to inject chemicials has done nothing other than damage historic brickwork.


About the author

Michael has had a varied career in the construction industry, spanning 35 years as a  roofer, builder, carpenter & joiner, before studying building surveying, conservation and building pathology.  He lives in Kent on his 1936 traditionally rigged (gaff, ketch) yacht.

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