Removing Paint from Brick Walls

Removing Paint From Brick Walls can be damaging to the Brickwork if not undertaken carefully.

Removal of paint from Masonry in our experience is best undertaken using low abrasion methods. This includes broadly stripping or dissolving paint through , heat, steam or chemicals.

In years of old we used pressure controlled blasting equipment , using fine sand, walnut shells etc. However we no longer use or recommend this method as quite simply, it will always damage the brickwork to some degree (unless it is a particularly hard brick).

We have removed paint from many many buildings using non abrasive and non damaging methods , here are some of our favourite techniques;

Torik / Doff Cleaning. This is essentially a large pressure washer that superheats water to steam. It is good for removing less heavy duty paints on its own, or using with other chemicals which dissolve the paints to then remove and clean the brickwork. The machines can be hired or specialists used to operate it.

Solvent Chemicals. We have great success in using solvents to dissolve paints. We will often place a film over the solvent to allow it do soak into the paint without evaporating. The paint is then cleaned off with a pressure washer or Brush.

Alkaline Chemicals. Poultice type paint removal (Kling Strip as other such products) have their place but ultimately the underlying paint will dictate what chemical to be used. Be careful – get Alkaline chemicals any where near timber and it will stain.

Acid. Hydrochloric Acid can be used to dissolve Limewash . Hydrochloric Acid is horrible stuff and there are serious H&S implications.

Watch some Paint Removal in Action. Its dirty work….