Timber Framed Surveys

We specialise in surveying Timber Framed buildings and love working on them ! You can see the “About Us” section to see how enthusiastic we are about Timber Framing. We have worked on many Timber Frames and have significant expertise in the surveying and repair of these buildings.

We have significant expertise in the surveying and repair of these buildings. A full understanding of Timber Framing is very important in order to asses these buildings and see where any potential issues may lie. Timber buildings suffer very badly from inappropriate repairs and the use of the incorrect materials and any problems should be ascertained PRE Purchase.

We have the expertise to properly evaluate a Frame and review its condition relative to other buildings of a similar age and type. We can advise on defects and if there is a problem, we know how to deal with them.

A section of badly decayed frames is included at the bottom of this page. Make sure you know the condition of a timber frame before buying it.

We have surveyed and worked on hundreds of Timber Framed buildings (and built some….) Here are a few examples.

The Hall of Horrors !

We have dealt with some badly decayed Timber Frames. Decay is almost always caused by inappropriate modifications to the building. Here are a few small examples;

Rotten Sole Plate

Rotten Stud / Tenon End

Rotten Brace Mortice

Rotten Post Base

The History of a Cross Wing Hall House

We advise on the history and development of the house as part of the Timber Frame Survey; Here we see the development of a 1450’s Hall House. We use old Tithe Maps, Historical Information and our extensive Knowledge of Timber Frames to advise on the development. We can also accurately date buildings.

We investigate maps, like this 1700’s Tithe Map

We then draw out plans to show the development of the Building

It can then be understood the development of the building