Woodfired and Handmade Bricks

Bricks were traditionally made from locally dug clays fired  in wood fuelled Kilns or clamps. This is in contrast to modern brick making which is fuelled from Gas or Diesel. The wood fired bricks were not fired at a completely consistent temperature and this lead to colour variations. The bricks would typically range from a variety of soft oranges , with the heads of the bricks closest to the fire being blue as this was the hottest part of the fire.

This is why many traditional brick walls have a lovely mixed range of colours. The “blue” burnt ends area also commonly used as a decorative feature.

A lovely Brick Wall with Original Georgian Pointing

The only company I am aware of that still make Wood Fired Bricks are H G Matthews.

Sussex Handmade Bricks (and others , Bulmer Brick and Tile etc) still produce handmade Bricks, but they are not wood fired and as such you do not get that authentic colour variation.